Shipping during Covid-19

Hello everyone! 
We hope you are all safe and sound during everything going on. 

We wanted to give you a quick heads up as to our current situation shipping wise, and to make you aware of any possible delays. 
Currently, we print all of our mugs and onesies, and several of our t-shirts ourselves, in house! Because of this, we are able to fulfill them within 3-5 business days, as the orders come in. If you need it sooner, send us a message and we can work something out. 

Our t-shirts with full color printing, as well as our hoodies and tank tops are all printed by a third party printer. (We don't quite have the equipment to do full color just yet, so we send them our artwork and they take care of fulfillment.) Currently there are some pretty significant delays in fulfillment with those. We have found an alternate printer, we are just waiting on samples to make sure the quality is where we want it, then we will begin switching over to them to hopefully bring down that fulfillment time. 

Any international orders are SIGNIFICANTLY delayed. We have seen orders arrive at the border and then take a few weeks just to make it through customs. Unfortunately there's really nothing we can do about it once it hits the destination country, and it just depends on how backlogged their mail system is. Please be patient, but absolutely feel free to reach out with questions or concerns. 

Thank you for your time, and stay safe everyone! 


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