Join Our Quest to Open a Fantasy Game Store in UT!

Join Our Quest to Open a Fantasy Game Store in UT!

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Are you ready to dive into a world of fantasy, adventure, and a great gaming community?

Look no further than Level 1 Gamers Game Store and Geek Boutique! With a focus on handmade and locally-sourced products, we're more than just a store, we're a hub for all things geeky! 
Our family chilling next to the Level 1 Gamers logo

Owned and operated by my wife and I, we began as a small business selling nerdy baby clothes online. Over the years, we've grown to include a range of products such as mugs, t-shirts, jewelry, and tabletop gaming accessories. With over 12,000 sales between Etsy and our standalone site, 1900 5 star reviews, and 5 successful kickstarters, we're ready to level up our online business and open a brick and mortar location at the South Town Mall in Sandy Utah!

A collage of Level 1 Gamers handmade items

What sets Level 1 Gamers apart from other game stores? Our focus on community and supporting local businesses. Our store will offer a unique shopping experience with a stock of almost entirely handmade and locally-sourced products. From artists who sculpt and print their own DnD minis to handmade dice makers, our gaming store will showcase the local artisans who are creating one-of-a-kind, unique gaming accessories. By shopping at Level 1 Gamers, you can help support several creators and small businesses, and help keep the vibrant creative geeky tabletop gaming culture in Utah alive.

Friends playing at the gaming table

Level 1 Gamers isn't just a store, it's a communal space. We'll have a tavern-themed soda shop, where you can enjoy a variety of refreshing drinks and snacks while hanging out with fellow gamers. Our store will also host exclusive workshops and classes to learn from professional creators from the local community. And for those who just want to relax and play games, Level 1 Gamers will offer an extensive game library where customers can rent board games and tabletop gaming accessories to play right in the store.

Come celebrate all things geeky! Join our quest to support local artisans and build a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for tabletop gaming. Go to our Indiegogo page to help us turn this fantasy into a reality!

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