Level 1 Gamers Game Store and Geek Boutique

What's Included

  • It's Been Our Dream

    We traveled often to comic and gaming conventions all over the western USA to sell in person. This is how we learned to love not just the gaming community in general, but also the individual members of that community. We're excited to bring that passion to a brick and mortar location.

Located at 10450 S. State St. Sandy, UT 84070

On the bottom floor across from Eborn Books on the south end near Dreamscapes.

Uniquely Handmade

We have met some amazing artists, crafters, creators, and small businesses over the years of going to conventions. From artists who make and print their own DnD minis, to handmade dice makers, we want to feature the local artisans who are making unique gaming accessories. We want to highlight the awesome talent that Utah and the nearby areas have.

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Tavern Soda Shop

Besides our range of exclusive gaming products, we will have a soda shop with a tavern theme where customers can have a variety of tasty drinks and snacks!

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Game Library

We are thrilled to let you know that we have a huge game library, where you can borrow one of our board games, or our tabletop gaming gear and play in our store! Whether you want to test a new game before you get it or just have a good time with friends, our board game library is for you. With our variety of games, there is something for everyone to like.

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We are grateful for our community’s support as we’ve grown, and we love seeing our loyal customers at our local cons like FanX every year. You mean a lot to us, and we want to offer you a place where you can game, chill, and shop from some of the finest local craftspeople. Our store will be a hub for the amazing local geek culture, where your support will help us nurture and celebrate it.

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If you want to unleash your creativity, we will have art classes and paint nights with local artists, craft demos, and D&D workshops. Our store will also have teen events like anime movie nights, and cosplay and creator meetups. Families can have fun at our all-ages events like game nights, geeky trivia, art demos, and themed cosplay nights where everyone can come and play together.

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Kids Area

We have a child ourselves, and that’s why we care a lot about having a family friendly space, where people of ALL ages can feel at home. We will be hosting many family friendly events, and we will also have a special kids space in our gaming area where the little ones can play, while the older kids can have fun with more suitable games. We will have a range of kid friendly games that you can enjoy with your whole family!

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